Re$ubmitIt® works in conjunction with your financial institution. NSF checks that were once returned to you for collection are automatically forwarded directly to the Re$ubmitIt® check processing center. There, the check is converted into an electronic item and presented to the check writer’s account up to two additional times.

The process couldn't be simpler.

1. You inform customers of the Re$ubmitIt® electronic check recovery policy by posting notification at the point of sale, or by including notification on invoices, work orders, etc.

2. Your bank is directed (via the Bank Authorization form) to forward all returned checks to the Re$ubmitIt® processing center, where the NSF items are presented electronically to the check writer’s account, using strategic timing when funds are most likely to be available.

3. If the check fails to clear on the first electronic submittal, it will be re-presented again, thereby increasing the opportunities for recovery.

4. The check writer’s account is debited twice: once for the full amount of the check and once for a state-regulated fee.

5. Re$ubmitIt® automatically deposits the amount of the collected check into your bank account weekly.

6. You review and check status of the recovery process online, 24/7 (for security purposes, Re$ubmitIt® provides the Web link to you).

Re$ubmitIt Re-presented up to 2x